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Jason Coley

Project Estimator

Jason began his construction career almost 20 years ago at a small family owned business where he
quickly gained knowledge as an estimator of flooring and ceilings. Finding the work rewarding, he later
moved to a large commercial interiors company where he and his team made a positive impact on
numerous projects around North Carolina.

Jason joined Concordia Building Company in September of 2021 when he desired to rejoin a smaller,
more specialized organization located in his hometown, comprised of skilled professionals and
craftsmen focused on quality commercial work in ceramic tile and terrazzo. He is excited to be more
directly involved in all aspects of pre-construction as he continues to hone his craft of estimating.

Jason has a deep love of the state he’s grown up in and enjoys exploring all corners from the mountains
to the coast in his MINI Cooper. Cheering on his son at soccer games, hanging out with his wife, family
and friends, enjoying an IPA at a local brewery, and chasing fish wherever they swim. Other activities
include pretending to play golf, hiking and camping, vegetable and flower gardening and bourbon
hunting. Jason is faithful and attributes all his blessings to God.

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